Classic Pinball Manga Giant Attack Game Pro

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New kind of pinball game that you must to hit and crush the coin with the ball. Let's free to unlock our companions! To help your skill up in our PINBALL WORLD!!!!

More than 30 stages to explore.
Very cute and Simple HD graphics.
Collect all ball collection to matching your favor.
Get all pets to help boost your score.
Many booster items in game etc. Large Ball, Double Pinball, No Falling and Magic Ball.
Challenge yourself by defeat your High Score.
In Pro Version Game Start with 3000 Coins, Unlock 1 Extra Ball and 1 Extra Pet that not include in free version.

Keywords : classic,machines,holes,spin,roll,trap,board,light,novel,giant,manga,anime,reader,rock,zone,wallpaper


Pinball AOT
Left Control : Button "A" or "Left Arrow"
Right Control : Button "D" or "Right Arrow"


Arcade By ChatStick Classics CS: Pinball Platform


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