Galaxy Battle Bomber 3D Games

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Travel to wonderful galaxy of all 5 stars with a bomb blast in hand. The classic bomber game!

You have to run with collect items, plan a bomb to kill the inciting unique boss. The troublemakers has a unique action & behavior including environment with forests, lava, ice, toy city, then the fun is begins! Come on!


- Clear the brutal stage more than 35 checkpoints.
- Bomber man gameplay that everyone is familiar with. Control system via touchscreen
- Keeps the power of ability. Plan wisely for victory.
- The best outfit Added ability to hunt bosses.
- Collect coins to buy a new style bomb.
- The brutal showdown powerful bosses and minions to make you annoyed.
- AI Challenge Mode for fight in PVP.
- Scenes and cute decor with atmosphere system.


Press "A" --> Move Left
Press "D" --> Move Right
Press "W" --> Move Up
Press "S" --> Move Down

Press "L" ==> Bomb BOOOM!

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Action Arcade By ChatStick CS: Bomber Dress up


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