Comics Heroes Bomber 3D Game

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Description You have to blow up all the roadblocks surrounded you to seek a hidden key that hides in the field. The key which leads you to the goal. And do not forget to be alert, because you have to deal with the boss and all the troublemakers with different actions, behaviors and also different environments (forests, lava, ice, toy city). If you not, you will easily be eliminated by them.

Comic Heroes Feature

- Clear the brutal stage more than 35 checkpoints.
- Bomber man gameplay that everyone is familiar with. Control system via touchscreen
- Keeps the power of ability. Plan wisely for victory.
- The best outfit Added ability to hunt bosses.
- Collect coins to buy a new style bomb.
- The brutal showdown powerful bosses and minions to make you annoyed.
- AI Challenge Mode for fight in PVP.
- Scenes and cute decor with atmosphere system.

Keywords : minecraft,skins,bomberman,man,the,avengers,world,marvels,iron,man,super,spider,dc,dead,pool,deadpool


Press "A" --> Move Left
Press "D" --> Move Right
Press "W" --> Move Up
Press "S" --> Move Down

Press "L" ==> Bomb BOOOM!


Action Arcade By ChatStick CS: Bomber Dress up


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